ART&YOU is a distinctive art gallery in the heart of Gurgaon and houses a rousing collection of Indian contemporary art.

Located 20 minutes from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Southwest of the National Capital Delhi, the gallery showcases inimitable works of art by distinguished contemporary artists. It exhibits a curated collection of Paintings, Art Installations, Sculptures and Photography.

Founded by Saurabh Anand in 2011; at its inception, ART&YOU was envisaged as a consulting firm for art acquisitions, advisory and investments. It went on to undertake real estate project work in India for clients like Hyatt Hotel and Tata Housing, as it sought to design visceral experiences through visual art.

ART&YOU, The Gallery

Over the years, Mr. Anand along with his wife Ms. Ambika Bamezai, collected a diverse mix of works by Indian masters and prominent new-age artists. Their keen curatorial approach along with an inspiring meeting with renowned Kuwait-based surgeon Dr. P M Dhar, translated into an ART&YOU viewing space that opened in India in September 2019. Dr. Dhar, also an amateur golfer and an art enthusiast, joined ART&YOU as Director in 2019.

Modern works of art are shortlisted and showcased in the ART&YOU gallery space. 

The art gallery was opened with a view to augment access to compelling works of Indian and International artists. The gallery promotes evolving modern artistic thought and supports inventive artistic expressions, mediums and techniques.

"Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view.” 

Paul Klee, Artist