My works are mainly derived from the notions about transcendence and transmigration, as in something always moving from one state to another, so it has been a quest to find a visual level of communication that would unite traces of our existence, I have become increasingly fascinated by how tenacious life is and yet how in a moment survival ceases. The fragility of our existence is what I am trying to express through my works, I try to examine the complicated and chaotic ways in which life contracts, expands, converges and divests in our personal journeys, I seek to release my emotions and give respect to a life that has been fully lived. The calm, serene landscapes interest’s me I feel it has this ability to shape us. It has the power to influence our behaviors, our emotions, and our memories. A place (the right place) can inspire awe. It can motivate its inhabitant to explore and get lost within it. It can also inspire a fear of the unknown and uncontrollable, reminding us that we are still at the mercy of the forces of nature. Animals have always been a predominant part of my work, Sometimes its just the mere form of them is holy in a way, like they have this incredible power about them. I am also interested in the qualities which each one of them possesses and how they co-relate with us humans. For instance, the elk (deer), deer is one such animal which, throughout history has been seen as a prey (victim) animal, and it always remains as the “hunted” so in some way I feel the very helplessness of a victim is what I am trying to explore through these works, the very image of them staring at us makes one to question his own sensibilities, while being confronted before the image. R.Magesh Born in 1987 in Chennai, India.

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Genre - Fantasy | Color Play | Abstract | B/W

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Artwork Size: 32 X 78 inch (hxw)

Artwork by R.maghesh